Silk Flowers: The Best Kept Decorating Secret

I have successfully sold silk floral arrangements for the last three years so I am always surprised when I hear someone say they hate silk flowers. Believe it or not, when people walk into my shop, they often times do not know the difference between the silk and fresh floral arrangements!

When I stop to think about it, I can see how people might feel this way, especially if they are looking at what’s available in the dollar store. Even some of the nicer craft stores have some cheap-looking flowers. But there are many beautiful very real looking silk flowers out there. The key is to select the right flowers or have someone else select and arrange them for you. The other important factor is to KEEP THEM CLEAN! The most beautiful silk flower arrangement will go bad quickly if you don’t take care of it!

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Silk Flowers Can Look Very Life Like!

Make sure you dust at least once a month with a feather duster or use a blow dryer. Use silk floral spray cleaner periodically. Don’t leave silk flowers in the sun. They WILL fade. Store arrangements in plastic bags with a pleasant scented potpourri when not using. I use the pine scented tree ornaments for my wreath and holiday arrangements and they smell great when I unpack them for holiday decorating or when a client receives their newly purchased wreath packed with pine scent!


A new silk floral arrangement can update a room!

Pay a little more for really good silk flowers. Contrary to popular belief, they tend to be more expensive than fresh flowers, but they will last many years if you take proper care of them!

Silk Flowers are a wonderful decorating tool and require very little care or maintenance. A good silk flower arrangement can change the look and feel of an entire room at a fraction of the cost of updating furniture or drapes!


Silk Flowers Make Great Gifts!

What it comes down to is personal taste. I believe that as long as I have beautiful flowers around me, silk or fresh, I will always have a reason to smile.


Earth Laughs in Flowers  –Henry David Thoreau


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